What Is Insomnia And What Are Its Causes?

What Is Insomnia

There are various sleeping disorders, and one of the most common is Insomnia. People who suffer insomnia have trouble sleeping, waking up in the night and keeping asleep. Thus, a very troublesome disorder that affects people on a global basis. Insomnia is a deterrent to one’s physical and mental state. It deprives people, of getting the rest that they need, making it hard to function. As having an insufficient time of sleep can make one unhealthy and feel drained. Insomnia also affects one’s mood and sometimes even causing a day itself unproductive.

There are some types of insomnia, which commonly grouped into three. Doctors and physicians state that there is no specific method on how to treat insomnia. As insomnia varies, has different types, and it differs especially its cure. Though there are common ways on how to reduce and prevent it. Not everyone gets treated easily, especially people who have severe levels of insomnia


What Is Insomnia And Its Causes?
What Is Insomnia And Its Causes?

Insomnia is an ignored sleeping disorder. Some people say it is all in mind and it is the most common sleeping disorder. Research says 30-40% of Americans suffer insomnia. This number shows how common insomnia is, though it doesn’t state the severity of their insomnia. It is clear evidence that insomnia is a complex sleeping disorder and is grouped into three types, and each class has different effects on affected persons. People who experience insomnia have difficulty falling asleep, sleeping and staying asleep. To some cases, insomnia prevents and deprives sleep for more than three days. That is how severe insomnia can get, especially when not treated early.

What Causes Insomnia

What Is Insomnia And Its Causes?
What Is Insomnia And Its Causes?

Each person is different; thus insomnia triggers differently for every person. Some people might not be aware that they have insomnia until it severely grows. It’s good to know what caused your insomnia for you to reduce and treat it.

But here are common causes of insomnia:

  • Anxiety –  Common cause of insomnia is when one is anxious or excited for the next day. If one has problems or something that you are focusing on.
  • Medical Conditions or Health – Medical issues, especially for adults, may cause difficulty in sleeping.
  • Body and Environment Changes – Changes in the body and the environments such as jet lag, and the body clock that can significantly affect your sleeping patterns.
  • Substances – Caffeine is a sleep-depriving substance present in coffee and other beverages.

Effects of Insomnia If Not Taken Seriously

What Is Insomnia And Its Causes?
What Is Insomnia And Its Causes?

To some people, insomnia is just a mind over matter sickness. People take insomnia too lightly. They do not understand how severe it can get and how it affects people’s lives. The fact about insomnia is that it can slowly deter one’s health. Overall, insomnia is unhealthy physically, emotionally and mentally. Severe insomnia can deprive sleep for up to three days. Imagine not sleeping for three days when you want to. Thus, this is a dangerous sleeping disorder if one does not take it seriously. Seeking medical help can significantly reduce and prevent further complications from insomnia.

How To Prevent Insomnia

What Is Insomnia And Its Causes?
What Is Insomnia And Its Causes?

Insomnia differs for every person; thus reduction and prevention of insomnia varies as well. But there are practical and standard ways for some people to reduce and prevent insomnia. Though it requires patience and the will to do so, it is quite rewarding when you get to get rid of insomnia and prevent its return.

Here are several ways to prevent insomnia:

Sleeping patterns – Having a sleeping schedule can generate a body clock. It is when one sleeps at a specific time. The body recognizes that time as a time to rest.
Food – Some foods and beverages can help one get drowsy. Eating and getting full also makes one sleepy.
Exercise – Regular exercise releases sleep-inducing hormones and exerts energy. It is causing deep sleep.
Medication – Seeking medical attention is the most effective way to treat and prevent insomnia.


As insomnia is the most common sleeping disorder and treating it lightly is not a good thing to do. Insomnia can become a health deterrent, especially when one does not take it seriously. It can escalate to severe levels and significantly affect one’s life. If one experiences insomnia regularly, it is advised to seek medical help, and that is to prevent further risks that insomnia might bring. Being aware of the severity and the effects of insomnia is a great way to avoid it. Thus, people should stop taking insomnia lightly.

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