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What Happens In Sleep Paralysis?

What Happens In Sleep Paralysis?

What happens in sleep paralysis is a question that has baffled many people worldwide. In fact, there have been different names also given to this sleep condition. Some call it as the demon of the night, some name it as a sleep disorder. Moreover, there are many forms of myths also associated with sleep paralysis. However, the question still remains as what actually happens to your body in sleep paralysis? What are the symptoms and how can you deal with the particular situation?

What Exactly Happens In Sleep Paralysis?

Sleep paralysis is basically a sleep condition during which you feel immobilized even when you are awake. You feel conscious of your surroundings but are not able to move as per your wish. In addition, sometimes you may even see a shadow hovering in that corner and even sometimes even a hand trying to put pressure on your throat. This bizarre experience has not only surprised people but even experts in the field of sleep.

What Happens In Sleep Paralysis?
What Happens In Sleep Paralysis?

Causes Of What Happens In Sleep Paralysis

Though the causes of this sleep disorder are not known completely but still researchers have got near to some of them. As per experts, disturbed rapid eye movement cycle lead to sleep paralysis in many people. This, this condition happens when people are falling in and out of the REM cycle. However, during sleeping paralysis, the sleeper is half awake and is not aware of the movements.

Normal Episode Of Sleep Paralysis

A normal episode of sleeping paralysis can be actually scary. You may feel being thrown out of your bed or someone trying to choke you. There may be instances when you may even someone unfamiliar calling your name. There may be a shadow lurking in the dark or someone trying to even sit upon you. In some rare instances, patients have even witnessed someone trying to have sex with them. In fact, some of the episodes even align with stories of alien abduction.

What Can You Do About This Sleep Disorder?

What Happens In Sleep Paralysis?
What Happens In Sleep Paralysis?

Well, sleeping paralysis is frightening but as per experts, there are some steps which you can even take at home. Researchers say that people who are nappers can get sleeping paralysis more than non-nappers. Thus, non-nappers should try to get as much as sleep as possible. As per evidence, people who do not get proper sleep have more chances of getting into REM.

Sleep On Your Back

Sleeping on your back can also help you in reducing the occurrence of sleeping paralysis. As per researchers, there is a correlation between sleeping on the back and being highly vulnerable to paralysis.

Take Care Of Yourself

Sleep paralysis also has connections with many other forms of these disorders, including narcolepsy. Thus, it is advisable to see a sleeping specialist when you feel that you are undergoing this form of paralysis. Moreover, high levels of anxiety also associated with sleep disorders. Thus, you should also look for immediate medication if you are feeling anxiety.

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