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What Are The Negative Effects Of Oversleeping?


We all know that sleep is necessary, and we will try to snooze off in every chance that we can get. We feel refreshed and vigorous every morning after a good 6 to 8 hours of sleep, so can we like, extend our sleep time so we can handle much better? Well, the answer is no. Oversleeping can give you a lot of problems.

I know that you are thinking a question like: “How can such a good thing can bring something bad?“. Well, yep, It does a lot of bad things to our body, especially if you are the kind of person who sleeps like a bear in hibernation mode most of the time. You think only little to no sleep will give you a metaphorical and literal headache? Oversleeping too will grant you the same. That means that you need to sleep depending on the recommended hours (this is based on your age). And of course, try to go out and bask in the sun or do something instead of sleeping for like 10 hours or so.


What Is The Effect of Oversleeping?
What Is The Effect of Oversleeping?

Well, as the name implies, oversleeping is sleeping more than the ideal sleeping duration. Sleep is essential, no question to that, but studies show that oversleeping has been associated with a host of medical issues. So that means the next time you are already woken up in the morning on a Sunday, think twice first before you go back to bed to add more hours to your sleeping time.

Let’s talk right now about the elephant in the room: How much sleep is too much? Of course, the rest varies depending on the physical activity you do every day, your lifestyle, health habits, and your age. For example, whenever you are sick (let’s say you suffer from a cold), you need more sleep compared to the usual. Albeit sleep duration still depends on the individual. Studies show that the recommended sleep duration needs to be an average of eight hours per night.

Effects of Oversleeping To Your Health

What Is The Effect of Oversleeping?
What Is The Effect of Oversleeping?

Researchers have been studying the effects of oversleeping on a person’s mental and physical well-being for a year. And it is found out that oversleeping have several effects, such as:

  • Being one of the main factors that contribute to depression
  • Decreased cognitive function
  • Promotes chronic inflammation in the body
  • Worsens body pains such as back pain
  • Infertility
  • Weight gain
  • Weaker heart, making the person prone to heart diseases and stroke
  • Higher risk of death, generally

Disorders and Diseases You May Encounter

What Is The Effect of Oversleeping?
What Is The Effect of Oversleeping?

There is a lot of diseases one can get from oversleeping regularly. Conditions such as:

  • Diabetes – this is due to the person’s impaired glucose tolerance due to sleeping most of the time.

  • Headaches – also common to people who lack sleep, in which the neurotransmitters in our brains are affected by our sleep.

  • Obesity – aside from the person’s food intake and exercise, oversleeping also dramatically contributes to gaining weight, which results in obesity in the long run.

  • Heart Disease – people who tend to oversleep, has a higher chance of having heart issues than people who usually sleep (average of 8 hours a day).

  • Death – Death is more prevalent to them compared to people who usually sleep with the different kinds of diseases culminating on a person’s body over years of oversleeping.
What Is The Effect of Oversleeping?
What Is The Effect of Oversleeping?


We all know that sleeping feels good, right? Like another trip to the dream world where dreams can be anything. Plus that feeling that we feel great after waking up on a restful slumber. But be wary, oversleeping, as said, is useful to the mood, but your body will suffer in the long run. Having a good night sleep of an average of 8 hours is more than enough to in keeping you active, and also to keep you healthy at all times.

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