Tatami Mats Sleeping Japanese Mat For You

Tatami Mats Sleeping Japanese Mat

The world is progressing at a swift pace these days, with hardly any room for relaxation and comfort. With our extremely hectic daily schedules, proper rest becomes essential for the body to function properly. The lack of time for leisure and recreation makes sleep vital for your physiological and mental well-being. Sufficient sleep not only keeps your body and mind healthy but also increases your productivity at work. This is because our body and brain cells regenerate and renew themselves while sleeping, boosting overall performance. It is essential to pay attention to the bed or mattress you are sleeping on, which should be sufficiently comfortable. Tatami Mats Sleeping Japanese Mat is a traditional Japanese straw mat that you can keep on your floor. These Tatami mats are soft and comfortable and will let you have a good night’s sleep.

Tatami Mats Sleeping Japanese Mat

Tatami Mats Sleeping Japanese Mat
Tatami Mats Sleeping Japanese Mat

Product Description:

Dimensions of the Tatami Mats:

  • Thickness: 3.5cm/5cm
  • Width: 90/82/75cm
  • Length: 200cm

The outer covering of the mat is made of woven soft rush straw. The inner core consists of foam, and the edges are sewn with cotton fabric.

The material of the mat is comfortable and breathable.

The tatami mats are also foldable.

You can place it on the floor and sleep or play on it comfortably.

Available in four sizes.

The tatami mats have a soft and breathable woven straw covering. It has insulating properties and will keep you comfortable and warm while sleeping. You can fold the mat and carry it around easily. This makes its use all the more convenient as it is easily movable. The mat will make an excellent floor covering and will provide you with ample space for reading, sleeping, playing, dining, etc. The mats are available in four different sizes so that it fits your room perfectly.

Sleep Well With Tatami Mats

Traditional Japanese homes always have tatami mats on the floor for sleeping and dining. There are certain benefits of using these straw mats. Firstly, they have a straw and cotton body and are natural and eco-friendly. The straw is breathable and has pores for evaporation of water. This makes the mat resistant to mold and other fungi, keeping it clean and hygienic. The straw is an insulator that makes it regulate temperature effectively, keeping you warm in winters and cool in summers.

These days, sleeping well has become extremely important to keep your body and mind in good shape. Ordinary wooden or metal beds have artificial mattresses that often fail to provide the comfort and warmth you need. The tatami mat makes the perfect bed for a pleasant and relaxing sleep. It is neither too soft nor too hard and provides cushioning and support to your back. This is important for having a relaxing sleep. It also ensures good posture, thereby sparing you from muscle cramps the next morning. It also has more space than the typical four-poster bed, providing ease and comfort. You can sleep on this mat without having to worry about falling off it. Get your tatami mat now to sleep soundly at night and wake refreshed and energized every morning!

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