Sleepy Catheads Now Have A Toy To Rest In

Sleepy Catheads Now Have A Toy To Rest In

Sleepy cats are probably the most adorable versions of all cats! Well, at least I love them when they are fatigued and simply act like babies. They can fall asleep literally anywhere. However, ever since I got this wonderful toy home, my little fur-baby spends a lot of time playing with it, and in it, and then simply dozes off within the toy tunnel. The best part is, I need not take her to bed since the toy is really soft and I am sure that she is having an extremely peaceful sleep.

Sleepy Cats Means Well Exercised Cats

Cats need enough exercise, and when people start complaining that their cats aren’t sleepy enough, or that the cat sleeps at odd hours and keep them up all nights, it’s because the little fellow isn’t getting enough activity through the day. If you can ensure that your cat plays enough all through the day, you can rest assured that your nights are going to be quite peaceful as well. Though, I don’t take responsibility for the morning hours!

So, as I mentioned, I came across this wonderful toy, it does not just keep my kitty engaged, but also ensures that the furry fellow is sleepy enough by the end of the day. Here is it. The perfect cat toy for your furry darling!

Cat Tunnel Foldable Interactive Toy

I recently got the cat tunnel foldable interactive toy and it has truly transformed some habits we were so accustomed with in our place. My little kitten now enjoys more time by herself while playing in and around the tunnel. While she used to constantly keep asking me to play with her or demand attention, this toy has given her a purpose – to go in and out through various openings and mix it up as much as possible!


This foldable cat tunnel interactive toy is made of really great, soft and durable materials. You will find two types of fabric. On the outer side, there is a really soft yet durable suede made fabric that your cat will love brushing against. On the inside, you will find 600D oxford cloth. Since your cat will be passing through the tunnel most of the time, this cloth is perfect as it will not attract fur and will also not wear out easily, thereby lengthening the lifetime of the toy.

In addition to the cloth, you will also get a soft fluff ball. Hand it at one end of the tunnel and watch your cat play with it for hours. There are multiple openings, the two at the two ends of the tunnel and two on the body. And, cats really go crazy with these.

Why My Cat Loves It

My cat is extremely picky, and yet, this toy has won over her. The softness and interactive format make it a lot of fun.

Moreover, the soft material is the perfect place to lie down when she feels sleepy. With enough activity, that’s a great sign.

What I Did Not Like

Well, I am a little taken aback by the price. Though I got it at a discounted rate, still, it was a tad higher than I will like it to be. But your cat doesn’t care about the cost!


When my cat is sleepy at the end of the day and this toy is something she loves, I am extremely happy with the investment.

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