Sleeping Positions For Backache And Stiffness


Do you wake up every morning to stiffness and back pain? These are uncomfortable and annoying conditions, but they are not very serious. Back pain caused in the morning is because of low-grade inflammation. Strains caused due to improper sleeping positions might be the main reason for stiffness and back pain.

Using a wrong pillow might also result in such conditions. In case your pillow is quite stiff or too high, it might cause your neck to remain fixed throughout the night. It can cause stiffness and morning pain. Positions of sleeping that can help you in minimizing these problems are as follows:

Sleeping Positions For Backache And Stiffness
Sleeping Positions For Backache And Stiffness

Sleeping Positions For Back Sleepers

Back sleepers should also make it a point to use rounded pillows under their necks for supporting its curve. They should also use flat pillows for cushioning their heads. Tucking an excellent quality neck roll under a flat pillow will be the right way of achieving this position. Your sleeping position should be such that it supports the S curves of the spine. You can do this by using pillows for supporting the knees and the lower back.

Sleeping Positions For Side Sleepers

Side sleepers should avoid making use of too low or too high pillows. Also, they should work on keeping their spine straight while sleeping. This position can be achieved by using pillows higher under the neck than under the head. People suffering from morning back pain will significantly benefit from this healthy sleeping position as it gives them the ability to maintain the S shapes of their spines.

Nevertheless, gravity will work towards pulling the lower back down. Therefore, using too high pillows might strain the neck. Always make it a point to use pillows for supporting the knees and the lower back as these help in maintaining the curvature of the spine.

Tips For Stomach Sleepers

In the very first instance, people should avoid sleeping on their stomachs. It is a tough position that exerts a lot of stress on the spine. It is because the position arches the back while turning the neck sideways. It might be tough for stomach sleepers to control the way they turn and toss while sleeping in this position. Therefore, trying out a healthier sleeping position is always recommended.

Sleeping Positions For Backache And Stiffness
Sleeping Positions For Backache And Stiffness

However, for the ones who find it difficult to sleep in other positions, it would be beneficial to use pillows under their pelvic area or hips. It lifts the lower back up while provides support to the lumbar curve. Following these tips can help stomach sleepers in avoiding instances of muscle strain and back pain.

It would be beneficial to get in touch with a specialist or physiotherapist in case the above sleeping positions do not help you out. If your stiffness and morning pain continues, you should try and learn more about sleeping postures that can help you in alleviating these symptoms. Always discuss all your concerns and questions with your doctor while keeping your dietary requirements in place. Most of the time, having unhealthy food at night might also cause stiffness and back pain in the morning.

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