Sleep Tight: Stages Of Sleep That We Go Through

Sleep Tight: Stages Of Sleep That We Go Through

What Is Stages Of Sleep?

Sleeping is essential for our body to function normally. Without adequate sleep, the body faces several physical and mental disruptions and is therefore unable to work to its full potential. Restful, unbroken sleep is compulsory for healthy functioning of the body. However, the depth of your sleep is not uniform throughout. There are various stages of sleep and going through these stages forms a sleep cycle. Therefore, stages of sleep are important to learn.

Sleep Tight: Stages Of Sleep That We Go Through
Sleep Tight: Stages Of Sleep That We Go Through

Learn About Sleep Stages

To Sleepwell, the brain goes through various stages of sleep. These are usually four in number – one, two, three which belongs to the NREM phase followed by the REM phase. NREM stands for Non-Rapid Eye Movement and REM means Rapid Eye Movement stage. To understand how we sleep, a basic understanding of the sleep cycle is crucial.

Stage 1

Of all the stages of sleep, this stage is the lightest. It is the initial stage of the NREM phase. As in this is the stage where we are generally drowsing off, therefore our sleep can be broken easily by the slightest disturbances. Our muscles relax, and brain waves slow down considerably. However, since it is a stage of light sleep, sleep can be disrupted very easily.

Stage 2

This is the second among the stages of sleep. Waking someone up from this stage is not as easy as in step 1. Sleep spindles and K Complexes alternate with slow bursts of activity as brain waves slow down considerably. Therefore. your heart rate slows down, and body temperature drops significantly.

Stage 3

This is a stage of profound sleep and is last in the NREM stage. The brain waves and heart rates slow down rapidly, and it is challenging, if not utterly impossible, to wake someone up from this stage. Most sleep disorders occur at this stage of sleep.

Stage 4

Among the stages of sleep, this is known as the rapid eye movement stage. This is the stage where we have dreams. This stage is characterized by rapid eye movements and quicker brain waves. Even the heart rates speed up considerably. It is easiest to wake someone up from this stage. However, being woken up from this stage can leave one feeling very dizzy and drowsy. Usually one goes from stages one to three in the NREM stage and then goes back to one, before the REM stage sets in.

More About Stage 4

A significant section of the world’s population these days suffers from sleep disorders. Such disorders are usually caused due to stress or anxiety of some sort. No matter what you do, you will be unable to sleep well if you have some constant source of worry. So, for most of us, the sleep cycle gets restored to normalcy. Therefore, once the anxiety-inducing source is removed.


Most sleep disorders than are temporary. However, some people experience difficulties falling asleep over a very long period. In that case, they may be suffering from sleep disorders like insomnia, sleep apnea, and so on. Such diseases require immediate diagnosis and treatment through various kinds of evaluations. Therefore, pay careful attention to your sleep stages. You should never neglect your sleep and resting time. Do this, and you will not suffer.

Sleep Tight: Stages Of Sleep That We Go Through
Sleep Tight: Stages Of Sleep That We Go Through
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