Screen Time And Insomnia: Sleeping With Out Disturbances


Screen time and insomnia seem to have a direct relationship. In this age of electronic devices, it has become a recurrent problem. It is not a problem with kids alone, but adults are also suffering in the same manner. There are various reasons that keep you glued to electronic devices. Some you do not have a choice; it is your job. Others do it for entertainment. Nowadays, most kids are glued to their mobile screens, as mothers and fathers are busy with their chores.

The age of globalization has brought with itself new problems. Things were very different 25 years ago. Teenagers are more at risk. A day’s schedule includes surfing the internet, watching TV, playing on the console, and so much more. Thus, electronic usage is to be blamed wholly for this. Sleep is very important for teenagers, as the board exams also hover above their heads around this time.

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Screen Time And Insomnia: Sleeping With Out Disturbances
Screen Time And Insomnia: Sleeping With Out Disturbances

Artificial Blue Lights – The Culprit

The main culprit is the artificial blue light that all electronic devices emit. Blue light is the cause of all concerns. It stops the sleep hormone, melatonin from working properly. It creates a lot of confusion in the natural body cycle. Thus, making it increasingly difficult for you to realize when its morning and when it is night. The more time you spend with electronic devices, the more your body is at risk of getting sleep-deprived. You will feel confused and may end up with other disorders. You can develop other symptoms like depression and psychological issues. Blue light also has the ability to degenerate light-sensitive cells in the retina. All your evenings are illuminated, however, at the cost of your health. Even if the light is dim, it interferes with the circadian cycle and the secretion of melatonin. Therefore, you should stay away from the light sources at night.

Screen Time And Insomnia: Sleeping With Out Disturbances
Screen Time And Insomnia: Sleeping With Out Disturbances

Less Usage Of Screen Time And Insomnia Can Be Cured

You are solely the one person who is responsible for protecting your children and your family. It is the same for all other members. To cure insomnia, you need to stop the usage of mobiles, play stations, and other gadgets that emit blue light. You should not watch television in a completely darkened room. Therefore, you should expose yourself to lots of natural white light in the day so that you can sleep well at night. You should restrict the gadget usage of your children as well. Make sure; they fall asleep after dinner.

Create a separate study having TV, smartphones, or computer. None of these devices should be present in the bedroom. Moreover, you can encourage your family to read books. Digitization has robbed every one of the desire to read from books. If you have ample time in hand in the evening or at night, utilize that time to interact with your family and friends. You should stop getting intimate with gadgets, as they will do you no good. Thus, its better to go and buy blue-blocking spectacles. This can save you from getting affected. You should, at all costs, stay from blue light. You have to do it, if you want to sleep well.

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