Rocking Improves Sleep And Boosts Memory

Rocking Improves Sleep And Boosts Memory

If you sleep on a rocking surface, it will help you in improving the quality of your sleep and in boosting your memory. It has been proved through studies and to an extent, this is true. Rocking improves sleep and helps in boosting memory by synchronizing oscillations within the human brain.

Findings from a study published in Current Biology put forward the point that rocking is advantageous for human sleep. The results also offer visions into the neural systems causing the phenomenon.

Rocking Improves Sleep And Boosts Memory
Rocking Improves Sleep And Boosts Memory

Rocking Improves Sleep: The Study

The group designated with the job of carrying out a study on whether rocking helps in improving sleep or not used 18 healthy individuals for the same. These young adults were recruited to sleep for three nights in a laboratory.

One night was put aside for them to get habituated with the environment of the lab while the other two nights were set aside for collecting data. One adult slept on a gently rocking bed while the other one slept on a standard or stationary bed. This same process was initiated among all 18 individuals.

Rocking Improves Sleep: Results Of The Study

Individuals who slept on the rocking bed were found to sleep longer and more deeply in comparison to the people who slept on standard beds. Even memory tests which took place early morning showed promising results of augmented sleep by rocking

Laurence Bayer, the co-author from the University of Geneva, claimed, “Our volunteers were not good sleepers, but all of them fell asleep fast when rocked. Also, they slept for a longer period and did not experience arousals throughout the night. Thus, we can rightfully show that sleeping on a rocking surface helps in having a good sleep.”

Electroencephalography data stated that rhythmic movies affected the central cortex of the brain and improved sleep. These are circuits considered important for memory and sleep consolidation.

Second Study

Another study in Current Biology discovers how rocking movement has an impact on sleep in mice and outs forward similar effects. Just like humans, rocking helped in reducing the time taken by mice to fall asleep. It also helped in increasing sleep duration of the mice. Dissimilar to human beings, mice were not able to sleep deeply while being rocked.

They carried out experiments with the animals lacking the otolithic organs. It results in a sense of complete balance. It put forward that these organs were vital for the mice to avail the advantages of rocking.

Rocking Improves Sleep And Boosts Memory
Rocking Improves Sleep And Boosts Memory

Importance Of The Findings

Findings from both the papers are significant. It is because before carrying out these studies, the functional significance and mechanisms of the relation between sleep and rocking were utterly unidentified.

The new insights gained from the studies can result in different treatment alternatives for individuals suffering from sleep problems and insomnia. Findings from both studies are promising avenues for clinical research shortly.

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