Replace Your Bed: Do You Know When You Should?


My bed sounds a lot when I move, what can I do? Do you know that the noises may be due to the bed base, the bed bases, or the hardware of your folding sofa? We explain it to you and give you solutions so that it doesn’t happen to you. If you are here, it has surely happened to you that with the slightest movement, your bed has caused a rumble. Replace your bed now!

You know how the songs are to relax before bedtime: soft melodies that invite you to fall asleep. Something very different from those squeaks, right?

Replace Your Bed: Do You Know When You Should?
Replace Your Bed: Do You Know When You Should?

Situations When You Should Replace Your Bed

  • Identify where the noise comes from
  • Review the hardware
  • Check hardware of the opening system: hinges, shock absorbers.
  • Locate broken or damaged sheets
  • Adjust, change or repair as necessary
  • If you feel that you are not relaxing on the bed

Now that you know the possible causes, you can repair or choose the best rest product that will guarantee you quality.

It is said that around one-third of our life is spent sleeping. For the remaining two-thirds to be productive, the rest needs to be full. Therefore, we must pay much love and attention to every element of the bedroom.

Peace and comfort sanctuaries are of great concern to our bodies.

Today we talk about the key factors to choose a good mattress, a good structure, and a nice set of sheets.

Choosing A Good Bed Is A Great Task, But We Help You In This Great Adventure.

First, observe the space you have and do not put in a small room a bed with a huge structure or a headboard of exorbitant dimensions. Choose something light and structured, so you don’t take more space than necessary.

Buying a good bed is usually a great investment, but in the long run, we will observe in the hours of quality sleep and in our rest that it has been a good purchase.

Leave the embarrassments aside and lie in the bed shop for a while. Although many do not dare to try it and see if it fits your requirements, your body, your tastes, and your comfort.

Replace Your Bed: Do You Know When You Should?
Replace Your Bed: Do You Know When You Should?

Replace Your Bed

A new bed should last for many years, select it well, and buy the best one to fulfill your needs.

And what size do I choose? Well, let’s see, yours will be that neither of you can get your feet off the end of the bed. For that, to the one that is taller of the couple, we add at least 20 cm. And that will be the perfect measure. Always from a standard measure, of course. 

If you are both big people and you need your space, bet on two mattresses together. Some people are amazed, but in the countries of the North, they use it. Let everyone enjoy their sleeping space, of course. That being all night beating side by side is very uncomfortable.  So for good health only buy a comfortable bed.

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