Asutra, Weighted Silk Eye Pillow Filled


About the product
ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: The Austra Silk Eye Pillow is made of 100% silk to make a luxurious yet affordable eye pillow, a perfect multipurpose product. This eye pillow includes all-natural ingredients.
NON-TOXIC & ECO-FRIENDLY: This is a 100% hypoallergenic sleep mask and pillow. It can be used as a sleep mask, for meditation, migraine and headache relief, as well as Shavasana during yoga.
100% SILK EYE PILLOW: We use 100% silk that is free of toxic materials to produce a luxurious yet affordable eye pillow that will help you float away on a cloud of relaxation. It comfortably fits around the nose, blocks out light, and makes it easier to breathe.
NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS: This pillow includes ingredients that haven’t been tested on animals. We take pride in making products with high-quality ingredients that do not endanger our furry friends.
FREE SOOTHING EYE GEL MASK: This gel mask relieves eye fatigue and feels so nice. Place it in the fridge for a soothing, cooling effect. It is fully adjustable to fit everyone and comes packaged with your purchase.

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The subtle, soothing scent of lavender can relieve stress, anxiety, and headaches. It can even lower blood pressure and treat insomnia.

These flax seeds retain a gentle, moist heat when in the pillow, promoting healing and relaxation.

Both the pillow and muslin pouch have zippers, so you can fill the pouch only with flax seeds if you don’t want the aromatherapy and fill it to the weight you desire.


Lavender aromatherapy. Use eye pillow for sleep, meditation, yoga, relaxing at home. Helps to alleviate stress, migraines, and insomnia.


100% silk eye pillow filled with organic lavender buds and flax seed


WARNING: Do not heat in microwave as a pillow has metal zippers. Relax and unwind and enjoy the natural aromatherapy. WARM THERAPY: Heat a moist towel in the microwave for 20 seconds then tightly wrap the towel around the eye pillow for 2 minutes. Remove the towel and use the warmed eye pillow. Make sure it’s not too hot before placing over eyes. COLD THERAPY: Place in a plastic bag in the freezer for 1 hour. CLEANING: It’s pure silk so dry clean only. Remove filling prior to dry cleaning.


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