Overcoming Fears While Napping: What Is It


Sleeping is one of the most natural phenomena in all living beings. Moreover, to make our body fit from tiredness, we require a minimum amount of sleep on an everyday basis. We, as human beings are the most competitive living creatures on the earth. We work for the most number of hours and complete in the most challenging situations. Therefore, human beings require the most hours for sleep. This is because sleep will make their body and brain fresh for the next day work. However, can human beings Overcoming Fears While Napping?? While recent studies and research do think so. In this article, we will talk elaborately about this concept. 

Overcoming Fears While Napping
Overcoming Fears While Napping
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Overcoming Fears While Napping: What It Is?

We, as human beings, are the most powerful creatures in this planet earth when it comes ion terms of using the brain capacity. However, being mentally powerful has a lot of side effects as well. Moreover, there are lots of fears in the human mind just because of power. Fear of failure, fear of loneliness, and fear of depression and anxiety are some of the most common fears which human beings show.

However, according to the recent study published in nature, neuroscience, a good nap gradually diminishes these fears. Moreover, according to the research study, the concern of people about certain odors reduced. These people were repeatedly stimulated through the fear of odors while they slept. Therefore, in a gradual process, the fear of smell through proper sleeping vanished from the minds of the people. This is how overcoming fears while napping can be done.

Overcoming Fears While Napping
Overcoming Fears While Napping

How Overcoming Fears While Napping Takes Place: Scientific Explanation

According to many types of research, sleep enables us to retain a good memory and exclude bad memories from our mind. Moreover, all the fear of persons gets more stimulated when the fearful substance o situation is in front of the person. However, during sleep, all those bad memories of the person diminish gradually. Thus, good sleep enables us to overcome the fear of life.

This particular concept of overcoming fears while napping was also confirmed from yet another experiment. In that specific experiment, first people smell certain substances like wood, clove, lemon, and mint. Then they were asked to associate the smell of these substances to something which they fear like an electric shock. Therefore, after the association, when the people smell those substances, the fear in them got stimulated. However, after taking a nap, when they feel the same substance, they showed less concern as compared to the first time. This experiment again proves that Overcoming Fears While Napping is possible. 

What Does It Mean?

This experiment is a great find the study of human beings. Moreover, every day, we as human beings fear from loads of things. Moreover, many of these fears, in the long run, can take the form of severe depression or anxiety. Even more dangerously, it may take shaper of psychological or severe psychiatric problems. However, a regular good sound nap will help us overcome these fears.

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