Hypersomnia: Everything You Want To Know About It


Hypersomnia is the opposite of insomnia. In this condition, you feel like sleeping throughout the day. And irrespective of sleeping for a long time, you might want to sleep more. Because of this, people might find it extremely difficult to stay active during the day. They feel as if they do not have any energy to go through the day. This affects the level at which you can focus and also can affect your energy level.

Let’s Know More About Hypersomnia

Hypersomnia: Everything You Want To Know About It
Hypersomnia: Everything You Want To Know About It

There are two types of hypersomnia, primary and secondary. In the primary one, it occurs when you do not have any other medical symptom, and you only feel the fatigue. The secondary one is the result of various medical conditions which have. This might include terms like sleep apnea, fatigue syndrome, or anything else. Because of these conditions, you might not be able to sleep properly in the night and thus feel sleepy during the day. Primary hypersomnia occurs when there are problems with the system in your brain, which controls sleep. And the secondary one can arise because of not sleeping properly.

There are some medications which can also give rise to this problem. Consuming an excess amount of alcohol and drugs can also result in this. People who drink and smoke a lot are highly susceptible to this problem. The main symptom which indicates that you are suffering from this problem is the sense of tiredness. You might feel like taking naps throughout the day to feel better. And they might also feel it challenging to wake up after sleeping for an extended period. There are many other symptoms of this problem, which includes having low energy, being easily irritable, feeling of anxiousness, not feeling hungry, thinking or speaking slowly, difficulty with memory, and also restlessness.

What Else You Should Know

Hypersomnia: Everything You Want To Know About It
Hypersomnia: Everything You Want To Know About It

You have to visit a doctor if you feel that you have any of these symptoms. Your doctor will analyze your symptoms and your other medical conditions and then will recommend the correct treatment. To track this problem, you might have to maintain a sleep diary in which you will record every detail about your sleeping patterns.

If you have been suffering from this, then you do not need to worry as it has many treatment options. The treatment, though, can vary depending on the exact condition which you have. There are many drugs which can provide you the relief and help in getting over this problem. But the most vital thing which can treat this is a change in your lifestyle. You will avoid some activities which are driving the symptoms. You should not drink and smoke much during this period. It is also essential that you should have a proper diet during this period.

Once you change your lifestyle for good, you will see the difference, and things will automatically get better. You can take the medications which your doctor will prescribe. This is a condition which will not have a full-blown impact on your life but will still be a problem. It can affect the quality of life that you lead.

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