Hypersomnia All About This Disorder

The condition in which you have excessive sleep during day times is, known as Hypersomnia. Thus, the problem is to stay awake. This disorder is also known as excessive sleepiness. Thus, the people going with this disorder can sleep anywhere at any time. In Hypersomnia, people have trouble in being awake, and thus, this makes it more dangerous disorder. People having this disorder can sleep anywhere, like while driving or when working. Hence, this makes this disorder more dangerous. Thus, if you have this sort of disorder, consults to the doctor. The excessive sleepiness makes this disorder dangerous, and thus, you must look at this disorder.

Hypersomnia All About This Disorder
Hypersomnia All About This Disorder

In this disorder, people can feel a lack of energy level or often tried, or it can also affect your concentration. Hence, this disorder can make you some serious troubles in life. Thus, it is better to consult the doctor in order to treat this disorder.

Types Of Hypersomnia

This disorder can be secondary or primary. In the primary, it only shows you symptoms like fatigue. It occurs with no other condition for medical. While in secondary, it happens with other medical conditions. Thus, it can include sleep apnea, chronic fatigue, and chronic fatigue. These are some of the conditions in this disorder. Due to these conditions, one can get poor sleep due to which you can get frustrated in your life. You can be very tired due to these conditions and thus, can make your thing difficult. Hence, this disorder.

Symptoms Of Hypersomnia

People going with this disorder have excessive sleepiness and can take naps every moment. Tiredness is the basic symptom of this condition. Peoples having long periods of sleep and have difficulty in walking. Some of the other symptoms of this disorder are:

  • Anxiety
  • Slow speech or thinking
  • Low energy
  • Loss of appetite
  • Irritability
Hypersomnia All About This Disorder
Hypersomnia All About This Disorder

Diagnoses Of This Disorder

For the diagnoses of your Hypersomnia, the doctor can review your medical history and symptoms. For testing the alertness, a physical exam can run. Several testes run by the doctors to diagnose this disorder:

  • Sleep Diary: In this, you have to track your sleeping patterns and record the awake and sleep times.
  • Multiple Sleep Latency Tests: This test helps to measure the types of sleep you experience.
  • Epworth Sleepiness Scale: This test helps to determine your rate of sleepiness because it helps to know how serious your condition is.
  • Polysomnogram: The test is, run by machine in this, and it monitors your heart rate, brain activity, oxygen levels, and eye movements. It also tracks your breathing functions. 

Hence, the doctors to know the seriousness of your disorder run the above tests. It helps them to treat your Hypersomnia. Thus, it can lead back you to your normal and healthy life.

Treatment of Hypersomnia can vary and thus, treatment depends on the cause of this condition. Many drugs are helpful in the treatment of this condition. In the process of treatment can also be the changing of the lifestyle. As we all know we with our wrong food and sleeping habits lead to many problems in our life. Hence, changing the lifestyle or choosing a healthy lifestyle can lead you to a joyful life.

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