How To Stop Bad Dreams

How To Stop Bad Dreams

We all like to have beautiful and well-being dreams because it is when we best rest, but the truth is that there are nights full of nightmares, and it seems that we cannot avoid them. First, we must understand why bad dreams occur, and then we can see what to do to avoid having nightmares. 

Why Do We Have Nightmares?

How To Stop Bad Dreams
How To Stop Bad Dreams

Bad dreams means horrible dreams, full of violence, tears, and deaths that cause us anxiety and great anxiety. Dreams of those who wake up scared, fearful, and exhausted. They are nightmares, a very frequent type of dreams that occur for various reasons, and that cannot always be avoid.

Usually, nightmares occur in moments of life when we suffer from stress and anxiety. That agitation during the day does not disappear even when we sleep, and our subconscious elaborates on these kinds of horror stories. But they can also occur after a traumatic event or a difficult episode that we have not yet overcome.

Alcohol, some medications, and drugs are also causes of nightmares. So seeing the wide variety of reasons why horrible dreams appear, it seems difficult to avoid them, right? But something can be done.

Some hypotheses indicate that what we dream helps us to work on issues of our unresolved daily life. Explore emotions that we do not express, or free ourselves from tensions. Experts say there are some habits we can change to avoid nightmares. Not all, but at least we can reduce the nights of fear and horror.

Maintain Sleep Hygiene: How To Stop Bad Dreams

That is, you must try to lie down and get up at the same time. This is the most common recommendation to treat insomnia because it favors rest and regulates the sleep cycle.

Avoid Exciting Drinks: How To Stop Bad Dreams

To get into bed without a drop of nervousness running through our veins, we must avoid drinks such as coffee, tea, or soft drinks after 4 in the afternoon. Alcohol is also not advisable if we want to have quiet dreams.

Reduce Noise

How To Stop Bad Dreams
How To Stop Bad Dreams

Sometimes nightmares occur because we are sleeping with some restlessness cause by noise and discomfort that we do not even realize. The neighbors, the noise of the heating or the air conditioning and also the streetcars that we have already got use to favor nervousness.  

Recurring Nightmares: How To Stop Bad Dreams

In the case of recurring nightmares, it can help to write what you dream on paper, read it out loud and then break it into pieces. It is not a magic spell, but an act that has a direct effect on the subconscious.

Do Physical Exercise

For the problems of insomnia, the practice of sport is not advisable at the last hour of the day. Still, it is advisable to do some physical exercise in the early hours of the afternoon. If we go to sleep tired, but feeling healthy, we are less likely to suffer from nightmares.

The Power Of Thought

No, we cannot get everything we set out for even if we adopt the right attitude, but we can get more things than we think with the strength of our thoughts. If when we get into bed, instead of turning to worries, we think of something beautiful, surely dreams will go in that direction.

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