How To Sleep Well For World Mental Health Day

How To Sleep Well For World Mental Health Day

When night falls, your body prepares for rest. Moreover, depending on what you do, that balance gets disturbed and, instead of relaxing, you become active. The situations we propose below may be the cause of your insomnia.  If you want How To Sleep Well then read below article:

1. Do you usually check email or WhatsApp messages before bedtime?

2. Do you typically take work home and stay late doing it?

3. Do you love tension books, read before bedtime? For more than a day, you don’t see the time to turn off the light because the frames that you reveal yourself get so get hook on?

4. Before bedtime, when the whole family sleeps, do you take advantage of checking bills or doing pending tasks?

How To Sleep Well For World Mental Health Day
How To Sleep Well For World Mental Health Day

5. Could the activities you do just before going to sleep be described as full of energy?

6. In bed, do you listen to the news on the radio until late?

7. Do you usually go to sleep every day at a different time?

8. Do you also get up at different times?

Gestures That Relax You Immediately

Of course, the ideal would be to avoid all previous situations. However, there is some easier way than others to control. You can “take out” the TV from your room or leave the bad habit of sleeping with the radio headphones on.

However, avoiding any stimulating activity a couple of hours before getting into bed (not looking at your cell phone, tablets, etc.) is not so easy.  We suggest two options for relaxing in the bedroom:

How To Sleep Well

1. 5 Minute Disconnection

Do these simple exercises before bedtime:

• Stay 5 minutes in a dark room; sitting, eyes closed and mind blank.

• That brief signal of darkness that you send to the brain is enough to favour relaxation.

• If you sit in a rocking chair, the better. Your swing increases the waves of sleep

2. Amber Glasses 2 Hours Before

The blue light emits by mobile or tablet screens reduce melatonin, the hormone that induces sleep. That is why it should not be use at night.

What You Should Do: How To Sleep Well

• Make regular sleep habits. Go to bed and get up at the same time all day, and you will find it simple to fall asleep at night.

• Recognize your personal sleep requirements. A night of good rest means at least of six hrs. Ideally up to eight hours of bedtime is must for good health.

• Use up time in natural light.

• Make a comfy sleeping environment. Make certain the bedroom is calm, quiet, and get relax.

How To Sleep Well For World Mental Health Day
How To Sleep Well For World Mental Health Day

 What You Should Avoid : How To Sleep Well

• Do not take caffeine at night time. Keep away from tea, soda, coffee, and even chocolate in the hours before bedtime.

• Do not smoke or drink alcohol previous to go to bedtime. However alcohol can assist you fall asleep, it affects your body in a means that stop you from sleeping well all through the night.

• Do not watch TV once go to bed. You should also keep away from reading, eating, or working in bed. Your body should only relate the bed with sleep.

• Do not take naps throughout the day. Taking a nap throughout the day can decrease your body’s require to sleep at night, which unenthusiastically affects sleep and well-being.

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