How To Fall Asleep With These Natural Remedies

How To Fall Asleep

Sleeping gives us energy and relaxes our body to remove stress hormones. One cannot live without sleep since the important and essential part of a person’s life is to sleep. It is an essential factor for our growth, health, and well-being. But not every person can sleep easily; certain people have insomnia. Insomnia is a difficulty in sleeping or an inability to stay asleep. People who suffer insomnia knows how dreadful it is to try and sleep. Any procedure on how to fall asleep soundly is a treasure for an insomniac. There are several techniques and methods on how to teach your body and mind. It requires patience to work things out, especially insomnia. Especially true for people who do not want to use medication. Medication is an excellent remedy, but medicine is not a permanent solution. Techniques and methods on how to fall asleep are meant to be followed, though this does not work for everyone.

Every person’s body and minds are different, thus not every method will be useful for some. To some people, food can significantly affect their sleep cycles, proving every person’s sleeping triggers.

How To Fall Asleep: What To Do When Not Tired

How To Fall Asleep With These Natural Remedies
How To Fall Asleep With These Natural Remedies

There are certain times that one is merely required to sleep early. Thus, this is true for workers, students or early morning trips. It is not simple to get to bed when you are not tired or exhausted. But to fall asleep, you must condition yourself to be comfortable and relaxed. There are also several breathing techniques that are quite effective for some persons.

Trying The Breathing Exercises

How To Fall Asleep With These Natural Remedies
How To Fall Asleep With These Natural Remedies

Breathing patterns are connected to every nerve in our body. Therefore, breathing is essential for sleep. For some people breathing exercises are quite useful and an easy way to sleep. There are standard and easy breathing exercises, though every method differs per persons sleeping triggers. It may vary in the time, breathing cycle and sleeping position.

Here are several breathing techniques and  exercises:

  • 4-7-8 method – Is the most common breathing technique. Four seconds of inhaling 7 seconds of breath holding and 8 seconds of exhaling repeatedly.
  • Three-part breathing exercise  – Based on its name, is a three-step exercise. The first two steps are done in long inhale, full exhale cycle. The third step is the slowing down of exhale making it twice as long as your inhale. Thus, this is the most straightforward technique, making it quite preferable.
  • Alternate Nasal Exercise – This is a breathing exercise of inhaling through your left nostril and exhaling with the right while crossing your legs.

Before Getting To Bed

How To Fall Asleep With These Natural Remedies
How To Fall Asleep With These Natural Remedies

One must prepare himself before going to sleep. Being comfortable and worry-free is the best way to feel sleepy since every person has a preferable feeling before sleeping. There are general ways and procedures to do before getting into bed. One must finish all that needs to be done. If you are secure, you can generally relax easily. You should also refrain from using screens such as phones and PCs before going to sleep.

Using gadgets stimulates and works up our brains, causing us to be more awake. Management of light and noise is also an excellent way to prepare before sleeping. Doing these things generally raises the chance of sleeping better.

Foods That Can Help Get You Sleep

How To Fall Asleep With These Natural Remedies

An effective way to make our bodies sleep is to eat and be full. A full stomach often leads to drowsiness, but this depends on the food. For some people, there are specific foods that make them tired or sleepy.

Here are several foods to eat before sleeping:

  • Walnuts – are rich in amino acids that help in sleeping.
  • Honey – honey moderates glucose levels
  • Oats – is a source of melatonin, a hormone that controls sleep cycle.
  • Grapes – like oats, a source of melatonin
  • Dairy Products – milk and dairy products trigger sleep-inducing hormones.
  • Tea – calms the body and relaxes the mind.


Sleeping is essential for every person to live. Getting the right amount of sleep can significantly affect one’s performance for the day. And it is not advisable to deprive yourself of sleep, it is detrimental to one’s health. Sleep is not natural for some, and there are several techniques and methods that are available. One can also resort to medication and treatment. But to some people using medication is not a permanent choice. Therefore, natural ways on how to counter insomnia are more preferred.

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