How Much Sleep Do We Really Need? -

How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

Sleep is a primary need for us to be able to function and live. Sleeping gives back the energy we have exerted during the day. It repairs damaged cells, tissues and rejuvenates them. How much we need sleep affects our physical and mental state, this includes our productivity, health, and energy. Without proper rest, one might experience a drained feeling. The mind and body do not function as well as when we have adequate rest. Depriving ourselves of good quality rest is not a good idea.

On the contrary, having too much sleep is also detrimental to our health. And it should always have quality over quantity. A good night’s rest is better than having 3 or more naps.

It is arguable whether what is perfect and the ideal time frame for sleep. It also depends on the person’s age and health. Babies and seniors need more rest than adults and adolescents. There are also some conditions that require more rest for the body to heal. It depends on the individuals’ lifestyle to successfully have the perfect sleeping timeframe. If the individual needs time to be productive, knowing one’s body is essential. If the body needs rest, one should give it a rest.

How Much Do We Need – 5 or 8 Hours?

How Much Sleep Do We Need?
How Much Sleep Do We Need?

There are two common sleep cycles, a 5-hour with a nap in the afternoon and another is a full 8-hour during the night. The argument is which of the two is better, but it depends on the person’s lifestyle. 5-hour rest is good for people who want to be productive all day. It means one has more time to keep doing what they want to do. It is the right time frame for people who are busy and their time can’t keep up. People who do 5-hour sleep during the night have a relaxing nap during the afternoon; this is to regain energy to keep going for the day.

While a full 8-hour sleep is a relaxing and comfortable rest, this is perfect for growth and rejuvenation of cells and tissues. Thus, this is recommended for people who want to heal themselves. It is also an excellent way to have experience dreaming as being comfortable for more extended periods induce dreams.

Overall it depends on the person’s perspective and lifestyle. Though getting enough sleep is of utter importance; thus, quality is what matters.

Requirement According To Age

How Much Sleep Do We Need?
How Much Sleep Do We Need?

Sleeping needs depend on the person, especially on his or her age. The time needed for sleep varies for people, and it is crucial for the body. Knowing how much you need is essential to have good quality rest.

Here is the requirement based on age:

  • 1 to 4 months         – 14 -17 hours

  • 5 to 11 months       – 12 – 15 hours

  • 1 to 3 years old      – 14 – 14 hours

  • 4 to 6 years old      – 10 – 13 hours

  • 7 to 14 years  old – 9 – 11 hours

  • 15 to 18 years old  – 8- 10 hours

  • 19 to 26 years old  – 7- 9 hours

  • 27 to 65 years old  – 7 – 9 hours

  • 66 and above         – 7-8 hours

Productivity Based On Hours of Sleep

How Much Sleep Do We Need?
How Much Sleep Do We Need?

The way we re-energize during and how good the rest was is an essential factor to equate one’s productivity. A person who wants productivity tends to sleep less, and get naps during the afternoon. By doing a shorter sleep, one has more time to do chores and other important things this is an effective way to boost one’s productivity as there is more time for work, though it deprives the body of more extended periods.

For others having a long and deep sleep make them productive. A full 8-hour rest gives others a lot of energy, thus becoming more productive. Therefore, this entails that it still depends on the person’s perspective, lifestyle, and body. Knowing one’s self is the best way to choose the type of sleeping time frame and to be aware of how to respond to what kind you give it. Makes it easy to select the perfect sleeping timeframe.

How Much Sleep Do We Need?
How Much Sleep Do We Need?


Choosing the best sleeping timeframe for you depends on you. One person should know their bodies and the time of sleep it needs. If one needs to be productive and do more than average, one should be willing. Productivity requires lesser rest, though for some people longer and more profound one is better; this says that every person is different and unique. Thus, choosing the perfect sleeping timeframe should be done by assessing one’s self.

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