Glow In The Dark Stars (Set Of 100) And Moon Luminous Decal


It is said that you can see the stars only when it is dark. But no need to wait for nights, to experience and admire the stars, any longer. With the glow in the dark stars, you can experience a stary night anytime just by making a room dark. The 3D stars and a moon, respectively, absorb light and glow in the dark. It makes you feel cheerful, jolly, and romantic, just in a moment. The darkroom is illuminated by the presence of these tiny stars on the wall. The greenish glow is like the northern lights. It is gorgeous to look at in the dark.

Glow In The Dark Stars (Set Of 100) And Moon Luminous Decal
Glow In The Dark Stars (Set Of 100) And Moon Luminous Decal
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Absorbs Light And Glows In The Dark

No more waiting for nights to see the stars. Just a dark room and these stickers on the walls are enough to fulfill your wish. The glow in the dark gives a natural view of a stary night, in a dark room. It absorbs light during the day by sunlight or electric lights, and as soon as the place is turned dark, it glows soothingly. The glow is a very mild one. Its light is not harsh and painful for the eyes. It looks lovely and soothes the senses. At night it is always a pleasant sight when you sleep under the stars. And these luminous stars makes it possible for you to sleep under the stars every single day.

Dancing Under The Stars Luminous Decal

When you are having a family party, or you are sitting with friends, you can make your room dark and can dance under the stars. It would feel no less than dancing under the real stars on a stary night. How romantic to experience such a thing whenever you want! If there is a power cut, then you can play songs and move to its tunes. The stars will make you feel like dancing in a club.

Durable And Long Lasting Luminous Decal

Glow In The Dark Stars (Set Of 100) And Moon Luminous Decal
Glow In The Dark Stars (Set Of 100) And Moon Luminous Decal

This product is quite durable and long lasting. It comes with adhesive pads. There are 100 3D stars of 3.8cm each and a moon of  9cm, respectively, in the pack.  It illuminates the darkness by its glow. The glow stays for a long time. It recharges itself automatically whenever there is light. The stickers are easy to stick as well as peel off according to your wish. It doesn’t affect the walls.

Make Your World Glow In The Dark

These 3D stickers help you decorate your room in multiple ways. You can show your creativity in whichever way you want to. You can even use it to decorate your room for a dinner date or your kid’s room. Generally, kids are afraid of the dark, and these 3D stickers will make your kid’s world glow in the dark. They will no longer be afraid of darkness and would instead love it. It is one of the best gifts for any child. The child will experience a shining galaxy every night while sleeping.

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