Dreaded Sleep Regression? How To Make Baby Sleep

Dreaded Sleep Regression? How to Make Baby Sleep

A newborn baby is cute and adorable and has no fixed feeding and sleeping time too. As the parents of an infant, we similarly also try to learn and grow with the baby. Babies often tend to get cranky when they are hungry or when they are sleepy. Some babies have sleep regression the whole night, and some refuse to do so, and this is where it becomes difficult, we as parents don’t know what to do.

Dreaded Sleep Regression? Learn How to Make Your Baby Sleep Easily
Dreaded Sleep Regression? Learn How to Make Your Baby Sleep Easily

Every infant is unique and has different sleeping and feeding patterns. It’s tough when your baby breaks the cycle of sleep at night and wakes up now and then. No matter what you do to improve their sleeping pattern but your efforts go in vain. It takes time to modify a baby’s sleeping patterns, and you have to adjust accordingly.

Here Are Some Tips To Make Your Baby Sleep At The Time

Detect your baby’s sleeping pattern: This is very important, and for the very beginning, you have to notice your child’s sleeping and feeding duration too. An infant sleeping duration is different than toddlers. So, you have to adjust your sleep accordingly. Look for signs such as yawning, rubbing eyes, fussing, and this is when you come to know your child is sleepy.

Create a bedtime routine: When you know what time your child dozes, then create a method by which his body will recognize that it’s time to sleep. You can dim the lights of your room, make them wear their comfy clothes, or you can give them a bath and these little tricks will help them not fuss oversleeping.

 •Feed them generously: A hungry baby will never sleep peacefully, and thus will break the cycle of sleep. Baby’s need to be fed every 2 to 3 hours and you have to follow this pattern. When their tummy is full, they sleep well and don’t wake up in the middle of the night, they only wake up when they are hungry. So, feed them in intervals to have a sound sleep.

Create a calming environment: Environment plays a very important role in putting your baby to sleep. The environment of your room should be calm, and the lights too should be dim to create a sleep surrounding. The temperature of your bedroom should also be comfortable with making your child sleep.

Dreaded Sleep Regression? Learn How to Make Your Baby Sleep Easily
Dreaded Sleep Regression? Learn How to Make Your Baby Sleep Easily

Dealing With Sleep Regression:

Every parent has to deal with sleep regression as it’s natural phenomena in the newborn. All you have to do is keep track of your child’s nap time and make your routine accordingly.

Your 1 to 3 months baby is new to the world and will adjust to the outer life of the womb gradually. They tend to wake up anytime, and they are always crying. This is the crucial period which the parents have to go through.

When your baby is 4 to 7 months, he has learned to adjust in the environment and will overcome sleep regression. You have to make a time table for your kid, which will help you to make them sleep on time. When your kid is of 8 to 12 months, he is not settled and has developed a specific sleeping routine that you have set.

Putting a child to sleep is not an easy task, you have to act according to your child’s needs and each, and every parent has to deal with sleep regression at an initial stage of parenting.

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