Can You Learn Anything While You Sleep


Do you know that you spend one-third of the 24 hours’ time in sleeping? Overambitious individuals who are well aware of this fact wonder whether it is possible to use their sleep time effectively. They look out for possibilities that can help them in using their sleep time to learn new languages or skills. The question here is, can you learn anything while sleeping?

The answer to this question can be a Yes or a No depending on our perceptive of “learning.”

Can You Learn Anything While You Sleep
Can You Learn Anything While You Sleep

Can You Learn Anything In Sleep?

Learning something new or absorbing complicated information right from scratch is almost impossible while sleeping. However, studies say that sleeping brains are not idle. Hence, some kind of learning is likely to take place. Now, it is upon you as an individual to determine whether learning a new skill is more important to you than having a good sleep.

Can You Learn Anything While Sleeping: Study-Based Answers

The process of learning things in sleep is called hypnopaedia. This process has a very long history. It dates back to the year 1914 when Rosa Heine, a German psychologist, worked on demonstrating a learning and memory benefit through sleep. Rosa came up with the conclusion that learning new things in the evening right before going to sleep can make it easier for people to recall the same than learning something during the daytime.

Many studies have been carried out on this subject time and again. It is because of these studies that we are now informed about the importance of sleep. Sleep in essential for developing long-term memories about everything we have come across in the daytime. The human brain replays the experiences of the day while sleeping and stabilizes the same to different parts.

Sleep Learning: The Introduction Of Different Devices

Psycho-phone, a well-known device during the 1930s was a great approach to learning in sleep. The device played out different motivational messages for sleepers. These messages were supposed to help the sleepers in absorbing ideas and experiences in their subconscious mind. Thus, they woke up with glowing confidence.

Initially, it was believed that research has led to the origin of devices such as Psycho-phone. Early studies laid down that people were able to learn everything they encountered while sleeping. However, these findings were utterly debunked during the 1950s. It was when scientists started using EEG for monitoring the sleeping brain.

Can You Learn Anything While You Sleep
Can You Learn Anything While You Sleep

Hypnopaedia: Science-Based Findings

Earlier, scientists believed that the brain did not work while sleeping. Thus, learning something new was not possible during sleep. But then, it was later on that experts found out a sleeping brain cannot be a complete blob.

Further findings suggest possibilities of absorbing information with a sleeping brain. Here the catch is, memories formed during sleep are unconscious and implicit.

In other words, sleep-learning is quite basic and more uncomplicated in comparison to what the brain accomplished while it is awake.

Final Thoughts

In 2012, scientists came up to the conclusion that conditioning or elementary learning is possible while sleeping.

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