Buying A Sleep Mask: Consider 4 Factors


Getting adequate sleep is a non-negotiable priority for every individual. If you are not getting enough sleep because of your busy schedule then make changes to your routine. Nevertheless, if a certain medical condition is hindering you from getting proper sleep, it is time for you to take some pills. But, all those sleepless creatures out there, have you ever thought of using a sleep mask? Even sleeping masks can serve as effective and simple solutions. They work by blocking unnecessary light while helping the body produce melatonin to fall asleep naturally. Now one big question you need to answer is how to choose the right mask. Well, some crucial factors come into play here. Get an idea of these factors below:

Buying A Sleep Mask: Consider 4 Factors
Buying A Sleep Mask: Consider 4 Factors
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The Shape

Considering the shape and the size of the mask is essential when making your choice. This goes special for side sleepers because they tend to move around excessively while sleeping. If they fail to get a mask in the perfect size, it will make it difficult for them to have a good night’s sleep. The mask will keep moving and shifting around hindering their sleep patterns.

Nevertheless, this should not be a problem for people who are in the habit of sleeping on their backs. Majority of the models available in the market do not provide any space for opening the eyes. However, there are some featuring eye cavities for the users to open their eyes if required. So, choose accordingly. Going for a mask featuring side panels will work out for you if you do not like lights and sounds while sleeping.

Buying A Sleep Mask: Consider 4 Factors
Buying A Sleep Mask: Consider 4 Factors

The Fitting of the sleep mask

Here, the size of your head has a vital role to play. Make sure that the mask you are choosing fits your head correctly. Majority of these products are designed to be one size fits all. Nevertheless, this might be a problem with specific head sizes. Getting the right fitting with an average-sized mask might be a little difficult for you if you have a smaller or a bigger head. Make sure to get a mask that fits properly. Ill-fitting sleeping tools might disturb your sleep instead of making it better.

The Function

Masks used as sleeping aids are nothing but blindfolds. However, they also have the potential of serving other functions. You will find eye pillows and pillow masks in the same category. They are softer and thicker than the regular sleeping masks. Then there are magnetic masks, compression masks, and cooling masks. There are even masks specifically designed for aromatherapy. The ones with specific reasons behind using a sleeping mask should make their choice accordingly.

The Material Of The Sleep Mask

Sleeping masks are made of different materials. Some materials might work for some people while others might find the same materials uncomfortable. Therefore, it works for you to have a good idea of the materials you would like to go for. Satin, silk, and cotton are common materials used for making these masks. If you would like something comfortable for your skin then go for masks made of satin or silk.

Portability and eye protection are other significant factors to think about when purchasing a sleeping mask.

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