8 Tips For Better Sleep When You Travel


Traveling is always great fun. It doesn’t matter whether you’re off on a holiday or for work. Great food, places to see, things to do are just enough to make you jet off. However, the one thing that gets disrupted amid the whole fun is your better sleep schedule. It could be jet lags if you’re flying to a foreign land or just plain simple lack of sleep while you’re on the go.

Tips To SleepBetter During Travel

  • Book A Quiet Hotel Room

It may not always be possible but if you can, choose a room that’s ideally tucked away from all the noise. Try and avoid rooms at the lower floors, in hallways close to the elevator, or near vending machines.

  • Be Regular On Your Exercise

Don’t let traveling be an excuse to not keep up with your healthy lifestyle. If and when you get a chance, get some exercise – in the room or at a park nearby. Staying active during the day will help you fall asleep fast and better at night.

8 Tips For Better Sleep When You Travel
8 Tips For Better Sleep When You Travel
  • Stay Hydrated

Yes, you do want to gorge on all the local delicacies of the place. But most important is to stay healthy while you’re traveling. Eat well and drink lots of water. Research shows that dehydration is the prime reason for fatigue and less sleep.

  • Take Time Out For Massage

You’re on a holiday, you deserve to be pampered. Keep some time aside from your planned activities for a visit to the spa. Get soothing massages, relax your mind and body, and inevitably fall asleep fast. Besides that, a visit to the salon, looking and feeling good about yourself, can also trigger peaceful sleep.

  • Make The Hotel Room Your Own

Some people find it difficult to sleep anywhere other than their own house because they become used to their own bed and surroundings. Therefore, carry some personal belongings with you. An alarm clock, photo of your spouse/kids, favorite book – anything to help you stick to your daily bedtime routine and make you feel closer home.

  • Avoid Alcohol

Contrary to the belief that alcohol can help you fall asleep fast, it’s actually a REM sleep inhibitor, according to research. Therefore, stay away from alcohol if possible while traveling.

  • Keep Your Phone At Bay

Your mobile, tablet, and iPad should all be away from you when you sleep. Besides the rings and sounds, it’s the radiation from these devices that won’t allow you to fall asleep fast.

8 Tips For Better Sleep When You Travel
8 Tips For Better Sleep When You Travel
  • Sleep Comfortable

Wear loose and light clothing for sleep even when you’re traveling. Pack an extra pair of shorts and T-shirt. Nobody can sleep tight when they’re dressed tight!

In A Nutshell

It’s good to have loads of fun while traveling but most importantly, get enough rest and sleep as well. Don’t end up feeling like a zombie by the end of your holiday. You may just feel like taking another one only to catch up on your lost sleep.

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