7 Serious Reasons Of Your Fatigue


The feeling of fatigue in daily life is very common. Many individuals claim that they feel too fatigued or sleepy. Fatigue is a very common symptom for several conditions as well as serious diseases. But most times, it is the effect of lifestyle factors. These are actually easy things that you can fix. But first, you must acknowledge what are the reasons that are making you feel the tiredness.

7 Serious Reasons Of Your Fatigue
7 Serious Reasons Of Your Fatigue
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1. Consumption Of Many Refined Carbohydrate

Carbohydrates are the quick source to provide you energy. When you consume them, your digestive system breaks them into sugar. It is used as fuel to give us a quick surge of energy. But when you eat too much-refined carbs, you start to feel extreme tiredness throughout the day. As your sugar level increases in your blood, the pancreas gets alert to produce insulin to get out the sugar from the body quickly. The sudden spike and fall of sugar level make you feel exhausted.

2. Inactive Lifestyle & Fatigue

7 Serious Reasons Of Your Fatigue
7 Serious Reasons Of Your Fatigue

Inactivity can be the main cause of your fatigue. But many complain that they can’t exercise as they are already pretty tired. Another reason could be CFS or chronic fatigue syndrome where a person feels unexplained, extreme fatigue regularly. Researches tell that people who have CFS syndrome have low endurance levels as well as low strength. It draws limitation in their ability to exercise. But the reality is exercise can actually relief them from tiredness.

3. Not Getting High-Quality Sleep

Yes, if you don’t get enough sleep regularly, it becomes the cause of your fatigue. When you sleep, your brain and body perform various tasks like storing the memory, releasing hormones, regulating your metabolism and of course, increasing your energy level. If you get high-quality sleep, you wake up refreshed, energized, and also alert. Your sleep must be uninterrupted. So, your brain goes through the five stages of the sleep cycle.

4. Sensitivities Towards Certain Foods

Do you know food intolerances or sensitivities can cause fatigue? But we often overlook that completely. However, research has shown that people with food sensitivities get more affected due to tiredness. Food intolerances include foods like soy, eggs, corn, dairy, and gluten.

7 Serious Reasons Of Your Fatigue
7 Serious Reasons Of Your Fatigue

5. Consumption Of Fewer Calories

If you consume way too fewer calories, you can feel extreme exhaustion. Calories are a great unit of energy that we get from food. Your body needs fuel to perform various continuous tasks like breathing, and maintaining your body temperature, etc. When you consume fewer calories, to conserve energy your metabolism rate also slows down. So, you start to feel fatigued.

6. Wrong Time For Sleeping

Along with inadequate sleep, if you sleep at the wrong time, it can ultimately reduce your energy. When you sleep during the day, instead of night, the circadian rhythm of your body also gets disrupted. When your sleep patterns lose sync with the circadian rhythm, it may develop into chronic tiredness. This has now become a common problem.

7. Less Protein Intake Can Cause Fatigue

Do you consume less protein in your everyday diet? Then it can be a key reason for your tiredness. Consumption of protein boosts the metabolic rate in a person than the consumption of fat and carbs. If will not only help you to lose weight but also help you to prevent your tiredness.

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